From the Parish Council – October 2019 (published in the October issue of the Potterne Parish Magazine)

Last month’s Parish Council meeting was held on 4th September; the draft minutes of that meeting are on the Parish Council website (see and on all the Parish Council notice boards. The Parish Council meets in the Village Hall on the first Wednesday of each month; we welcome residents to our meetings, and always set out plenty of chairs for public use – and, if you have any ideas or suggestions, you can voice them yourself during a special section of the meeting set aside for that purpose. Alternatively, write to the Clerk or any Parish Councillor, and your comment or suggestion will be discussed by the Parish Council.

The Potterne Neighbourhood Plan – to be updated

Neighbourhood Plans are an important part of the planning process; they are a way of ensuring that local communities can influence the planning of the area in which they live and work. For example, they can be used to:

  • Develop a shared vision for a neighbourhood.
  • Choose where new homes and other development could be built.
  • Identify and protect important local green spaces.
  • Influence what new buildings should look like.

One of the main purposes of a Neighbourhood Plan is to ensure that new housing and commercial development is normally approved only where the village wants it rather than being at the mercy of – potentially predatory – developers.

Potterne Parish Council was one of the first councils in our area to produce a Neighbourhood Plan which, following an Independent examination and a positive referendum result, Wiltshire Council decided to adopt on 9 January 2017. The Potterne Neighbourhood Plan now forms part of the Wiltshire Council Development Plan and its policies will be given full weight when assessing planning applications that affect land covered by the Plan. You can read the Potterne Neighbourhood Plan on the Neighbourhood Plan page of this website .

While the 2017 Neighbourhood Plan has proved to be a most useful document, the Parish Council understands that the village is a dynamic entity and decisions made in the past will not necessarily remain relevant in the future; the Neighbourhood Plan must remain up-to-date and reflect the changing needs of the local housing supply or it will cease to have weight. Furthermore, there has been new planning legislation since the Plan was written and it is important that this is studied and the Plan brought into line if necessary. For this reason, the Parish Council has decided to re-convene the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group to update the Potterne Neighbourhood Plan. Full details of the Steering Group, which Cllr Robert Hunt-Grubbe has volunteered to lead, will be decided at October’s Parish Council meeting.

Village Clean-Up – 29th Sep – REMINDER!

As the Parish Council announced last month, a Clean-Up will take place on 29th September, shortly after the publication of this issue of the magazine. Councillor Nesta Pudney will be organizing various teams (meet at 10 am in the Cemetery – bring gardening tools, bin bags will be provided) , but even if you don’t want to take part in the organized event this might be a good day to give your own property a pre-winter  sweep and a clean – and get rid of any unsightly weeds. We are all proud of Potterne and, if everyone keeps their own ‘patch’ clean and tidy, the whole village will sparkle.

Keeping Potterne Tidy and Safe

The periodic Village Clean-Ups (see previous paragraph) are not the only way in which we keep our village clean and tidy. The Parish Council has a responsibility for this, and has an “Action Plan” to help the council keep on top of the task. Last month, Cllrs John Chandler, Andrew Huntley and Nesta Pudney carried out a major update of the Action Plan with the result that many new items have been added to the list. However, the Parish Council has the assistance of a Wiltshire Council “Parish Steward” on only one day a month, which is insufficient time to carry out all the jobs that need doing. For this reason, the Parish Council will, from now on, be tasking a contractor to carry out “regular” tasks, such as cleaning and clearing the steps from Ryeleaze field to the A360 and from Ryeleaze to Coxhill Lane (subject to Wiltshire Council’s agreement), and keeping the bus shelter clean. Furthermore, the contractor will also be used to carry out other outstanding works – all of this resulting in a cleaner, tider and safer Potterne!

Keep up-to-date throughout the month by visiting our website,, or on the Potterne Parish Council Facebook page.

Until next month,

Councillor John Mann MBE

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