From the Parish Council – September 2019 (published in the September issue of the Potterne Parish Magazine)

Last month’s Parish Council meeting was held on 7th August; the draft minutes of that meeting are on the Parish Council website (see and on all the Parish Council notice boards. The Parish Council meets in
the Village Hall on the first Wednesday of each month; we welcome residents to our meetings, and always have plenty of chairs
available – and, if you have any ideas or suggestions, you can air them yourself during a special section of the meeting set aside for
that purpose. Alternatively, write to the Clerk or any Parish Councillor, and your voice will be heard!
It may be warm now – but Winter is just around the corner!
Wiltshire Council have recently asked the Parish Council for our order for Winter supplies – such as de-icing rock salt – which is a good
reminder that Winter is only a few months away and, you never know, it may be as cold as some of this Summer have been hot! The
Parish Council won’t be ordering vast quantities of Winter provisions, simply because we have little responsibility for ice and snow
clearance and, in any case, we do not have the resources to use very much. Please note that we cannot give council Winter supplies
to residents – keeping your own paths, drives, steps etc clear is your own responsibility, but perhaps now is the time to be thinking
about laying-in your own stocks? Maybe a bag or two of rock salt, and a wide snow-clearance/salt-spreading shovel if you haven’t one
already. I had a quick look online and found plenty of domestic Winter supplies – many with free delivery, so you won’t have to lug
heavy bags in your car; expect to pay about £10 for a 25kg bag of rock salt, which I think is pretty reasonable. It may be that prices
won’t be quite so reasonable come the Autumn…
Soldier’s Walk Defaced
The trees of Soldiers’ Walk are now becoming well-established, and the fencing around them is neat and tidy – well, it was, until
someone decided to cut a hole in it. Why someone would want to cut a hole, we don’t know, but the fence belongs to the owner of
the land – who very kindly erected it on behalf of the Parish Council and the people of Potterne – and cutting it is criminal damage. As
in this case, any such damage will always be reported to the Police. So, if you happen to know who damaged the fence, please let
them know that their actions are not appreciated; the Soldier’s Walk area is a hallowed place, designed for quiet reflection in memory
of those from Potterne who lost their lives in World War I, and we would very much like to keep it that way.
Contaminated Stream
One of our councillors has noticed that someone has been disposing of oil in a stream over which one of our public footpaths passes.
Suffice to say, “If you pollute, you could get an unlimited fine, go to prison for up to 5 years, or both. You may also have to pay for the
whole cost of the clean-up.” Just don’t.
Village Clean-Up – 18th Sep
You will find full details elsewhere in the magazine, but please make a note in your diary: Village Clean-Up on 18th September.
Councillor Nesta Pudney will be organizing various teams, but even if you don’t want to take part in the organized event this might be
a good day to give your own property a sweep and a clean – and get rid of any unsightly weeds. We are all proud of Potterne and, if
everyone keeps their own ‘patch’ clean and tidy, the whole village will sparkle.
“Welcome to Potterne” Booklet
Work is now well under way towards getting a “Welcome to Potterne” booklet printed. The booklet will be given to all new residents
and will also be available to everyone else – current residents and visitors alike. We would like to tell new residents about all there is
to do in Potterne by including a directory of clubs, societies, groups and businesses. I have been asking for information about such
groups and businesses for the past couple of months, but my request has elicited only two emails! We know there are far more, so, if
you, or anyone you know, runs a business, organization or group in Potterne, please send details to the Parish Clerk at It’s absolutely free of charge!
Keep up-to-date throughout the month by visiting our website,, or on the Potterne Parish Council Facebook page.
Until next month,
Councillor John Mann MBE

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