Potterne Good Neighbours

Following discussions between Liz the Clerk to the Parish Council and Anna from Wiltshire Council about support to the village during this outbreak of Coronavirus, Reverend Ali and Sarah from St Mary’s Church, Lou and Claire from The George & Dragon, and Anna from Wiltshire Council met today. We wanted to coordinate help to Potterne residents who need to self isolate because they are poorly, or because someone in their house is ill, or that they need to distance themselves from people to be protected from the virus.

Over the next few days, every home in Potterne will receive a note with details of their local co-ordinator who can be contacted to arrange the following:

Shopping and medicine to be collected
General errands
A friendly phone call to keep in touch
Dog walking
A hot meal to be delivered at lunchtimes

As we are being asked by the Government to change how we live our lives and go about our business, it’s important that support is available for friends and neighbours who need to be shielded from the virus. Volunteers to help with shopping, deliveries, and dog walking in your street are asked to contact the local coordinator so that we can share the care for each other.

More information will be available over the coming days, especially as we are updated by the Government about the measures we need to take to protect the most vulnerable in our village.

A huge thanks to Louise and Claire at the George & Dragon who are devising a £4-a-plate daily special that can be delivered to anyone in the village during this period of isolation, as well as making some of their regular menu available for takeaway/delivery.

Please check back for more information and look out for the note through your door.

Anna, Ali, Sarah, Lou, Claire & Liz

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