Potterne Parish Council Report (published in the July issue of the Potterne Parish Magazine)

Potterne Parish Council Report

(published in the July issue of the Potterne Parish Magazine)

Last month’s Parish Council meeting was held on 5th June; the draft minutes of that meeting are on the Parish Council website www.potterne.info (see tinyurl.com/ppcmins0619) and on all the Parish Council notice boards. Your Parish Council meets in the Village Hall on the first Wednesday of each month; we always have plenty of chairs set up for residents to view the meeting, but the majority of these are permanently empty! We very much welcome your presence – and participation during the period set aside for that – as we run the Council on your behalf.

Soldiers’ Walk

As you may know, the saplings planted last November and dedicated to the memory of those from Potterne who lost their lives in WWI have been replaced with a line of twenty-six more substantial Koster Oaks forming a “Soldiers’ Walk” along a nearby public footpath. The reasons for the change of plan were the very small size of the original trees, the necessity for the trees to follow a designated footpath so that residents could enjoy them for generations to come, and that trees planted further up the hill, when mature, would allow more sunlight into Coxhill Lane.

The original saplings have been carefully moved to a place of safety – the Community Garden in Ryleaze – and the Parish Council will be investigating options for their replanting once they are of a truly viable size. As a village, we owe our thanks to the owner of the land on which Soldiers’ Walk is situated who, as soon as the problems with the original planting became apparent, acted quickly to ameliorate the situation – entirely at his own considerable expense.

Some residents who attended the dedication ceremony in November have expressed their understandable concerns about the change in plan, and the Parish Council has replied with a full explanation as reported above. However, every cloud has a silver lining, which in this case is an enduring line of oaks which will stand in perpetuity as Potterne’s “Soldiers’ Walk.”

Game of Homes

Every month, the Community Policing Team release a report which our Parish Clerk posts on the Parish Council website and the Council’s Facebook page. The current May issue is especially interesting and important; to quote Wiltshire Police, “Summer months bring opportunists who are willing to take what does not belong to them. We urge residents to protect their castles (terrace, bungalow, semi-detached and so forth) and prepare for battle.” Potterne is not immune from opportunists!

The well-written report goes on to suggest ways in which you should protect your home, and protect yourself and your belongings while attending festivals and camping. Finally, it suggests that you should check your protection by playing “Game of Homes” on the Wiltshire Police website – a fun ‘game’ with a serious aim, which is well worth a look.

You will find the May police report at tinyurl.com/ppcpol0519 and “Game of Homes” at tinyurl.com/ghomes.

Have you a Business, Organisation or Group in Potterne?

The Parish Council is working on a “Business Directory” of Potterne, which will be published as part of the forthcoming “Welcome to Potterne” booklet. So, if you, or anyone you know, runs a business in Potterne, please send details to the Parish Clerk at clerk@potterne.info. Furthermore, if you run an organization or group in Potterne of which you think newcomers to the village (that is, anyone who has lived here for less than 20 years!) should be made aware, please let the Parish Clerk know, and that information will be passed on to the publisher of the “Welcome to Potterne” booklet.

Advertising works!

Last month, I reported that Mr Graham Watts needed still needed a few extra people to form a viable “Community Speedwatch” group, and I am happy to report that one public-spirited person has since joined the group – thank you. Please contact Graham on 07713-252663 or email geewatts@btinternet.com if you, too, would like to help.

Keep up-to-date throughout the month by visiting our website, www.potterne.info, or on the Potterne Parish Council Facebook page.

Until next month,

Councillor John Mann  MBE

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